Marijo Bos

Founder-President at Bos Advisors


Marijo is a believer that Positive Leadership Practices are imperative to the success and happiness of all leaders. 
With 20+ years working with executives across industries from Spain, Dubai, USA, Japan to Kenya, a common quest is how to bring joy, positive energy and meaning into day to day work and life. 
This is particularly important when leaders go through transitions and discover ‘what they want to do’ and what will make them happy. 
Bos Advisors 2-3 day programs are designed around personal growth and self-discovery while serving many of the largest organization across technology, media, entertainment and the service industries. 

Marijo boosts her own happiness through connecting with her clients and actively serving on Empowering Lives International Board, an NGO investing in the growth and future of young people in Kenya, Congo and Sudan. She also finds immense joy is being a foster parent with a Spain based NGO serving the children of Ukraine.  Marijo supports IE in Madrid as an Advisory Board member of the Business School and Global Corporate Center for best board practices.